2017 Course Information: Bear Paws Guided Crystal Dig with Dora Gonzalez

Bear Paws Guided Crystal Dig with Dora Gonzalez

Bear Paws Guided Crystal Dig with Dora Gonzalez a.k.a. “Bear Paws” & Family

Are you looking to unwind in a camping adventure and have a desire to know more about Quartz crystals? Don't know where to start? How about joining in a group-guided dig at the world renowned “Ron Coleman Crystal Mine” located in picturesque Jessieville, Arkansas in order to dig for these little treasures yourself!

Meet Dora Gonzalez for the Bear Paws Guided Crystal Dig to learn about Quartz Crystal and how it can be of value to you personally to enhance awareness of the Earth and a great add to your garden as well as financially if you should choose to make jewelry with your new found treasures! Dora will be with you throughout the entire experience! Be there to learn about proper crystal excavation techniques, the cleaning process, and the proper identification of geometric crystal formations. Discover, or rediscover, the joys of Mother Nature by enhancing your awareness and understanding of these precious stones all the while allowing your inner child to play in the dirt!

Items Required:
· Digging equipment: a simple garden trowel, gloves, kneepads or a small garden cushion, a bucket.
· Clothes/shoes to play in the dirt which if its rained, maybe muddy and a hat of your preference to shade yourself from the sun. Please remember, You will get dirty and thats all part of the fun!
· A towel, soap, an extra pair of clothes/shoes. This is in case you plan on using the showers after our excursion. Again, you will be getting dirty.
· Food & Water: PLEASE bring enough food and water for yourself during your entire stay! Water is available at the Ron Coleman Mining Store, and there is a convenience store in Jessieville, which is 2.2 miles away from the mining site.

The Bear Paws Guided Crystal Dig Itinerary:

· 8 A.M. ~ Meet promptly at the Ron Coleman Crystal Mine store to fill out required paperwork for entering and excavating at Ron Coleman Mining site.
· 9 A.M. ~ Begin the morning dig, where you’ll be guided to the mounds of dark, rich dirt to look for quartz crystals for an exercise in self-reflection and meditation. Dora will be here with you for the full three hours, offering her insight and encouragement!
· 12 P.M. ~ Take our findings to the water station where you will wash off your treasures, and Dora will identify the formations that make each crystal unique!
· Free Time ~ After the excavation, and subsequent washing, everyone may do as they like with the remainder of their day! Feel free to have lunch, or enjoy the activities offered by the Ron Coleman Mine. You can peruse the mining store, or go on a guided mine tour where you can see huge crystal clusters close up, hear about the mine’s history, and board a huge army truck and go down into the mine itself! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even zip high across the mine on their zip-line to enjoy a breath-taking view of the entire mine! Or you can head back to your regular life where you can enjoy the energy of your crystals, as well as their quiet & compelling call to come dig again!

· Evening ~ I will be at the camp area where you can join me for some crystal wire wrapping, and enjoy each other’s camaraderie and tales of adventure!
Camping Option: If you are interested in setting up camp in order to be well-rested and ready to go for the morning excavation, there are camping spaces available at the Ron Coleman RV Park! You can find out more about reserving a camp site using the following contact information.
Ron Coleman Mining Site and RV Park
Address: 211 Crystal Ridge Ln
Jessieville, AR 71949
Phone: (800) 291-4484
Email: colemanquartz@gmail.com
Website: http://colemanquartz.com/
Hours: Monday through Sunday – 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Alternative Lodging Option:
You can also find nearby hotel accommodations and a shuttle at https://econolodgeinnandsuiteshotsprings.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/crystal-mining-near-hot-springs-ar/

8:00 am-Evening
Materials Fee:
Ron Coleman Mining Site and RV Park,
211 Crystal Ridge Ln Jessieville, AR 71949
REGISTER BY:October 1st

Attn:Members, at this time we are unable to process member discounts through our website,
if you wish to register for a class please contact Arjuna Larson at arkcraftschool@gmail.com
or 870-269-8397 to process your discount. We apologize for any inconvenience"

Instructor :Dora Gonzalez

Dora Gonzalez is a native born Texan who fell in love with the Ozark Mountains and settled in the town of Fox, Arkansas over 12 years ago. During her time in Texas Dora nad her family owned and operated a traveling arts and crafts business, which offered a distinct Native American style of merchandise. Shortly after moving to Arkansas Dora set aside the crafting business and began a new way of working with her hands. She is a licensed massage therapist, operating Bear Paw Massage in Mountain View, Arkansas. Then, in 2015, Dora embarked on a recreational crystal digging trip in southern Arkansas, unearthing numerous quartz crystals and reawakening her passion for creating art. Since then she has dedicated most of her free time to turning the crystal finds into stunning wire wrapped jewelry for all to enjoy. These beautiful pieces of quartz crystal art incorporate a timeless simplicity while retaining Dora's signature Native American style.